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Default Re: Off Season Moves- If I were in Charge

To the OP:

If I were running the show:

First I’d have to start obviously by evaluating what I have on the roster. My personal philosophy is, if a guy has been there more than one year and you don’t know what you have in him, you have nothing until he proves otherwise. As such, my moves would be as follows.


Keenan Lewis

Dwyer – Decent speed, great tackle breaking ability; moderately productive

Redman – Power back, until we find someone to replace him, his resigning is more than justified.

Legursky key back up who can play at multiple positions

McClendon- replaces Hampton

Emmanuel Sanders – as a #3 guy, he is solid, but he does indeed have to cure that fumbling issue.

Wallace – I’m on the fence about him, not on the fence enough to tag him, but if he is willing to stop being selfish and start being realistic, I’d sign him to be the #2 Receiver, beside our best Receiver, Antonio Brown. Otherwise, he can go sign with someone who wants to pull up with his drama queen b.s.

Cuts: *the notion to cut Keisel or Woodley is pure idiocy. When healthy, they are a couple of the best players we have.

Jerricho Cotchery - his effectiveness has been minimal. It'll save cash.

James Harrison – I’m a huge fan of Harrison and this would for me, be the hardest cut I make but it would ultimately save about five million if he was cut prior to June 1 st . ($4M plus 1.5 in dead money after June 1 st )

Willie Colon – I agree he can’t stay healthy.


Troy Polamalu – He can’t deny his age(31) or injury issues, his time here is nearing an end.

*depending on what his contract looks like* Ryan Clark – see Troy Polamalu

Brett Keisel - love the guy but his age warrants it

Ike Taylor - great CB, but given his age, its time.

Let go to FA:

Casey Hampton - age

Larry Foote - age

Rashard Mendenhall – fumbling issues, lack of production

Byron Leftwich - He is a terrible back up

Charlie Batch - age

Stevenson Sylvester – his progression, if there is any, is far too slow

Brandon Johnson – I’m sure we can find better, cheaper backups

David Johnson – easily replaced with an upgrade

Justin King – eh..there’s better db’s available.

Leonard Pope – Paulson is better

Max Starks – With Gilbert healthy, we need a backup, they can come a lot cheaper than Starks

Greg Warren – he is a Long Snapper, I couldn’t care less if we keep him or not

Plaxico Burress – really didn’t add much offense, will probably retire.

Ramon Foster – I just can’t justify paying him a veteran salary when Beachum is playing well and we have so many OL on reserve.

Jeremy Kapinos – he is a punter they are a dime a dozen.

Will Allen – He is 34 or 35..Safety has to be a draft priority.

Free Agent Signings: *Thigpen, Klemens…they’re terrible. Bell isn’t better than anything we already have, Alan Branch is left over bust, though it might be worth a shot in training camp. Rolando mean the character plagued overrated LB our of Oakland… maybe for training camp but I don’t see him as a Pittsburgh type of player.

If I were to go after a backup QB in FA, it’d be Matt Moore. I’d say Joe Flacco just because it’d be funny..but he’s not going to be a FA.. I’d also suggest Alex Smith..however he’s going to get a starting job somewhere, very possibly KC (I expect smith to be cut or traded).

At RB:

IF he goes FA: Danny Woodhead – Teamed up with Chris Rainey out of the back field need I say more?

At LB: I don’t recall if they resigned him not, but if not, Rey Maualuga could become a Free Agent..I’d just on that like white on rice. Realistically speaking..0 chance he hits free agency.

At DB: The only guy I’d want to sign, if he didn’t retire and went into Free Agency, would be Ed Reed, I’ve always thought about what it’d be like to see them on the same roster.

Aside from there are attractive options: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Aquib Talib, neither of which would justify the cost it would take to get them to town.

Outside of the above mentioned, there isn’t any ‘big names’ I’d go after in free agency at all. Furthermore big name free agent signing isn’t the Pittsburgh way.

The Draft:

Trade an extra pick with #17 to move up and acquire Manti Te’o OR trade back deep into the 1 st round for a 2 nd and 4 or a 3 rd and next year’s 1 st or 2 nd and grab a safety, Lb, or wr.

1 st Rd – S or LB

2 nd Rd – S or LB (whichever I didn’t get in the 1 st )

3 rd Rd – QB or LB (depending on who is out there at QB (I’d draft Zac Dysert in a heartbeat)

4 th Rd – RB or DL

5 th Rd – WR

6 th Rd – LB or DB

7 th Rd – DL or DB
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