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Default Re: Ticket Price Range?

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Face Value for the tickets are as follows. They take a price increase every couple of years and they just did last year, so I don't expect they'll go up.

upper endzone bleachers- $66-$70
Upper sideline- $77-$90
Lower endzones- $86-$92
Lower sideline- $98-$102
Club- $200-$252

As far as the resale market goes, it really depends on the game. opponent + time of year + how the Steelers are doing record wise.
The home opener is always high no matter the opponent. The only marquee games are the Ravens and Bears. Sept/Oct games will be higher priced than Nov/Dec games because of weather.

For the Ravens/Bears game plan to pay $160-$200/ticket for the cheapest upper endzone seats.
For the other games plan to pay $130-$150/ticket for Sept/Oct and $100-$120/ticket for Nov/Dec for upper bleachers.

Steelers tickets are sold out to PSL holders except for a couple thousand endzone bleachers that will go on sale on ticketmaster in June. Add $10-$15/ticket for TM fees and delivery to the $70 face bleacher seats. Still a good deal at $80-$85.
Great info
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