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Default Re: Steelers’ offensive front may see familiar faces leave

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
The point is... Ben does not need 2 probowl WR's to run this offense successfully. If he does, then he's no better then Matt Stafford. Which brings me to my other point... Losing Wallace is no big deal. Draft a WR in the 3rd round and be done with it. We've still got speed with out Wallace.

We need a RB WAY more then we need Wallace.

Off topic sort of....I'm assuming Heath will be on the IR starting next year...doesn't that mean his salary does not count against our cap?
I agree, dont need to break the bank on Wallace. Brown, Sanders, Cotchery are a good enough start. I like Texas A& M Ryan Swope in the 3rd or 4th possibly.

RB's can be found anywhere, we need to get off the notion that we need a stable of bruisers like Redman and Dwyer. Anybody see the late round rookies that the Colts and Redskins started at RB this weekend?

If Heath is under contract, I think he counts against the cap. Expect to see Paulson and maybe David Johnson to start the season. I wish we kept Saunders and released Pope.
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