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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Thanks......I honestly thought he played DT on a 4-3 look and DE when they go 3-4 look. It's exactly making my point though of the knee jerk reaction of the Fantasy Football fans screaming for the flavor of the day.

Remember when the Dolphins ran the Wildcat for a season and all the noise on this forum for Dennis Dixon to play the Wildcat, or "draft Pat White"?? Suddenly Ben wasnt good enough on his own.

Now that JJ Watt gets some sacks, but almost no other 3-4 D lineman in the NFL is a sack want to cut Keisel, Hood, Fire LeBeau and goto a 4-3. What is next??..............we need a big RB like Bettis?
For all we know, JJ Watt could be a flash in the pan. Way too soon to anoint their D as the next big thing because of 1 "dominant" season. They are going through a lot of their demons right now like we already have, and will continue to have to, especially (and hopefully) with young blood being relied on more often than ever, ala, Texans still not matching up well against elite offenses, and have yet to prove they can smother WR corps of the NEs and GBs of the world WHILE pressuring forced throws and bringing down the quick release guys on a consistent basis. You can't do one or the other and still win against a big offense - those back shoulder throws will burn any man coverage, as will not getting to the QB fast enough. They haven't proven to do that yet - so, I'm not sold on what has been proven (Steelers D) v. as you say, today's flavor against an abysmal Cincy O.
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