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Default How legit is Colbert

Before you rush to a quick answer take a moment and really think about our current roster. There have been times in the past where I feel like I’ve ‘rushed to conclusions’ about wanting to get rid of Kevin Colbert, but then gone on to believe that was foolishness. However, this time, it feels different. I am as satisfied as we as Steeler fans can be in regards to our 8-8 season. We’ve had a lot of injuries, we’ve had a lot of setbacks, and quite frankly, our team just hasn’t performed. But I have to really begin questioning some of the picks Colbert has made. I’m not yet ready to slap the ‘bust’ label on Ziggy Hood, Cameron Hayward, Steven Sylvester, Jason Worilds, Curtis Brown, & Ryan Mundy and the jury is definitely still out on Ta’amu, but let’s face it, there are a lot of guys no longer on the roster, such as Limas Sweed and Dennis Dixon that didn’t pan out.

Heyward and Hood have not been productive this season, Curtis Brown, a guy I really still think has some potential, doesn’t seem to have near the potential I thought he did when he was drafted (I was ecstatic that we drafted him). Ryan Mundy is mediocre at best, a career backup, and while I said I wasn’t ready to call Sylvester or Worilds a bust..I don’t think they have done anything that I’d say is enough for new contracts. Then you get into guys like Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, even Rashard Mendenhall, who have not been kept due to character issues or have fallen flat on their face in terms of production. Woodley even has people questioning his validity right now; I think it’s a weight issue, he looked fat to me this season to be honest. I like, don’t love, Cortez Allen and Kellen Lewis. I think they did a real nice job but I also think it wouldn’t be too difficult to draft a guy that could start over both of them, if drafted in the first round.

There have definitely been ‘gems’; Heath Miller, Troy Polamalu, Ben Roethlisberger, Ike Taylor, Maurkice Pouncey, Lawrence Timmons, but the jury is also still out on DeCastro, Adams, Redman, and Dwyer. I do believe Adams and DeCastro will pan out and I hope Redman and/or Dwyer do but I can’t say I’m greatly confident. The last TE we drafted (prior to Paulson) was Spaethe…how’d that work out? We drafted a Punter that didn’t work out, we’ve drafted numerous offensive linemen in deeper rounds and very few of them are anywhere to be found.

My point is that it’s easier to find guys who Colbert completely missed on than it is to find guys that we can say, honestly, he really hit the nail on the head with at this point. Do you think that perhaps the time is growing near where we have to get rid of Kevin Colbert and bring in ‘Fresh Blood’?
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