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Default Re: The DL dilemma

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
If they don't play him he can't prove it. Nobody would of known Lewis was as good as he was until he got a chance to play. I remember seeing a lot of posts were people said Lewis was a bust and we needed to drop him before he got his shot this season.
As for Worlds, from his limited playing time I think he needs to start next season as well.
I agree that the Steelers should give Worilds a look first. Even though the Steelers pick a OLB (e.g. Mingo, Ansah) this year, the player probably needs at least a year to get into the system. Worilds has shown some promises this season and deserves a chance to prove himself. He will be a FA after next season and the team needs to know if he should be kept. I also hope that the team will give Adrian Robinson some snaps next season. He's my sleeper pick.
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