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Default Re: Now... for whom to root?

Originally Posted by GMU Steeler View Post
Denver to beat the Ravens bad and I think they will. Tough place to play on the road especially if you're a meh road team as is.
Houston to beat the Pats: This is the old in my heart I want Houston to win but I think New England will win situation though. If they could get some nice sustained drives though and NE's O is hopefully a little rusty.

Seattle over Falcons: Falcons are underachievers and I like many of you like watching Wilson too. I think it's a shame that RGIII and Luck have both overshadowed this kid.
Packers over Niners: This will be the best game of the four. I have GB winning because I think having the better QB means the difference in this one.

Ideal SB would be Falcons versus Texans ebcause neither has won. Who I don't want: Ravens, Patriots obviously but also the Niners. I don't want them getting six and I don't like the other Harbaugh either.
and I actually think I would hate THAT Harbaugh even more than the Harbaugh we have to endure 2 to 3 times a year - at least I'm used to the sniveling, whining, and gatorade baths - if I had to endure someone who got physical with our coach errrrr . .. wait, they've both done it now.

I absolutely don't want any Harbaugh in the SB and wouldn't wish a Super Baugh with both of them in it - except, I would get the satisfaction of knowing one of them would get close but lose haha - I might not even watch a Ravens v. 49ers SB. NIGHTMARE
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