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Default Re: How legit is Colbert

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
My friends and I have always joked that Colbert is good in R1 and then with undrafted rookie free agents... but, terrible in R2-R7. Ergo, we have often suggested that Colbert tradeh his R2-R7 picks for an extra R1 pick.

BUT... recently, he has done really well in R2-R7, but only "decently" in R1.

2003 - 2006
Troy, BB, Heath, & Santonio were home runs... four years in a row. The rest of those drafts were horrible, with one great pick sprinkled in the later rounds of each draft: Ike Taylor in R4, Max Starks in R3, Chris Kemoeatu in R5, & Willie Colon in R4. That is it. Two players from each of those drafts... albeit, two rock-solid players.

Then, there was the 2007 draft. Ugh. Spinny is not a bust, but he is not Ray Rice either. And, the rest of that draft was horrid (even though, at the time, it looked extremely promising).

Like I said, he has done decently with his mid-round picks... but, only one home run in the first round: Pouncey.

Timmons, Hood, Heyward are not the greatest... but, they are not the worst picks. With Timmons, missing out on Revis (or Willis) taints that pick, because honestly, no one after him was much better. Hood has been good, but he is compared with Aaron Smith. And, Heyward has not started yet (the jury's still out).

What these drafts had was a lot of really good mid-round picks: Mike Wallace, Keenan Lewis, Jason Worilds, Emmanual Sanders, Stevenosn Sylvester, Jonothan Dwyer, Antonio Brown, Marcus Gilbert, Cortez Allen, Chris Carter, Baron Batch.

[Note: 2012... too early to tell.]

The 2002 draft was mentioned (on NFL Films) as ebing the draft that set up Pittsburgh's 2005 SuperBowl victory: Antwaan Randle-El, Chris Hope, Larry Foote, & Brett Keisel.

I like the 2010 & the 2011 (and IMO, the 2012) drafts as being just as good.

Considering the strength of the 2010, 2011, & 2012 drafts, I would say that the Steelers are about to get young & good... and go on a run of three straight SuperBowls.

People will say that that is blind Homer-ism, but look at this roster on offense: they are loaded with WRs, have a young O-line that could be "special" in a year or so, and they have BB. The defense is & always will be dominant (Cortez & Keenan are going to be a tandem to reckon with). AND, the rest of the AFC is weakening. I look at the list of players from the past three drafts, and I honestly see a juggernaut ebing formed in Pittsburgh.
I will mark you down as the first person to say we might have a juggernaut on our hands- I hope you're right!
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