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Default Re: How legit is Colbert

Originally Posted by torpedoshell31 View Post
I agree that the drafting of Santonio Holmes wasn't a bust. I know he wasn't around long with his off the field problems, but that one drive and one catch against the Cards in the Super Bowl made the selection of him worth while. If wasn't for that draft pick we would still have 5 Lombardi's instead of 6. We really missed him on the last drive against the Packers in Super Bowl 45, Ben's go to guy on that last drive was Wallace, who was never a receiver who will come back for the ball or battle a defender for the pass like Holmes.
battle for the pass and possession seem to be an extremely undervalued commodity in a receiver - speed isn't enough - while I don't want to rely on Ben's improv alone, it wouldn't hurt for him to have a backup plan with one of them, on the fly, and could get into that type of rhythm he and Holmes seemd to have had - can't teach it though!

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