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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
Well he deserves credit for going out there and trying through an injury unlike that Christian Ponder who completely wussed out yesterday for a frickin playoff game. That was pathetic.
Ponder's whole thowing arm was the same colour as his uniform- yellow and purple. You should check out some pics. It is quite possible that he just could not physically move his arm like he needed to.

Based on RGIII's efforts I'm sure he probably would have thrown the ball with his left hand. RGIII has been extremely impressive in the leadership and sacrifice he has shown all season. He didn't want to sit out in the regular season either.

The best thing about RGIII's performance on Sunday was his interview. A guaranteed controversy was brewing in Washington- should Shanahan have played an injured RGIII? RGIII handled the questions thrown at him better than I have ever seen. NFL Network reported exactlywhat RGIII wanted them to: every analyst repeated verbatim "RGIII should have been in the game because he is the best option at quarterback for that team." My God he made life easy for his coaches!

He maintained the team's positive direction while completely shielding his coaches from criticism, and Washington's coaches should have been criticized. Honestly, who calls designed running plays for a franchise quarterback with partial ACL and MCL tears???? RGIII should have let his coaches have it both barrels but he kept the entire team in mind and made the absolute best of the season giving the Skins something to build on. Amazing that in this day in age a quarterback risks tens of millions of dollars just to win a wild card game.
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