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Default Re: RGIII has partially torn ACL and LCL

I believe part of the holy creed for NFL players is that they will never call out a coach for letting them stay in the game - RGIII follows that pattern

For example, for all of the bitching that Ben has done over the years he has never to my recollection questioned a decision by either Cowher (who let him play in 2006 in Oakland in a game in which Ben threw 4 picks after Ben sustained a concussion in Atlanta the previous week) or Tomlin (I have lost count of all the games Ben has played while seriously hurting, although the 2011 Monday night game he played on one leg is one incident) to let him play

OTOH if a player sits he may be called out by his teammates (Hines when Ben did not play the 2009 Sunday night game in Baltimore after sustaining a concussion the previous week in KC)

So unless the coach takes the heat for sitting a player it is not going to happen and the player is not going to say he should not have played
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