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Originally Posted by Steeler7BR View Post
Like the Draft very much. Matt Elam and Bacarri Rambo like you said would be a great saftey duo. No question for me. I know it's just a mock but a trade like that to get a second round pick and still get Elam would be awesome.

Zach Ertz no question he could be a great Tight End for us. But I don't know if we should address it in this Draft. But thats just me.

About Khaseem Greene I think it's a good move here to go for a OLB. But I see Greene more as a 4-3 OLB and not so much a 3-4. Would go more for a guy like Sean Porter a little more of a 3-4 guy. Has a little better Pass Rush in my estimation and looks more like a guy for us in my eyes.

Kenjon Barner is the player on this list that I definitly don't wanna see on our team. Just a waste to me. Last year we drafted Rainey and they are the same type of Player. And in my eyes not a starting Running
Back so he's the guy I'm really uncomfortable with in this mock. The rest looks fine to me.
Yeah I like Sean Porter too. I feel either one would probably be there. And Barner is a similar mold but he's a better running back. Rainey isn't so much a running back and his build wouldn't allow him to carry a large load. Another couple of backs I was looking at were Jawan Jamison and Joseph Randle.
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