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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
The more and more I look at the draft I hope we do trade back in the first to acquire a extra second or third.
Like anything, there's positives and negatives to it. If Jordan or Mingo is on the board at 17, we can't really afford to give up a prospect like those two. The drop off of pass-rushing talent is significant from the first to the second. Despite what most of the guys on CBS Draft will tell you, guys Corey Lemonier aren't ready to be a premier 3-4 OLB right now.

If we do trade back, I'd love us taking Patterson in the first round. He's just as fast as Wallace, but runs better routes (slightly) and makes better plays in open space. I think this kid has the potential to be a great WR for us, so I wouldn't mind using a first rounder on him despite the heavy amount of defensive talent in this draft.

Assuming this scenario plays out, it would look something like ...

Trade from 17 to 25
R1. Cordarrelle Patterson / Tennessee - WR
R2. Giovani Bernard / North Carolina - RB
R2. David Amerson / NC State Wolfpack - CB converted to FS for us
R3. Nico Johnson / 'Bama - ILB
R4. Robert Lester / 'Bama - SS

I wouldn't be upset with that. However, I'd still take Dion Jordan in the first and Robert Woods in the second as another, more likely scenario.

edit -- I don't know how many of you guys follow Matt Miller on twitter (@nfldraftscout) but he knows his stuff. In his latest mock, he has Arthur Brown being our first round pick and I gotta say, I don't hate it. I'd have to go back and watch some more of this kid to see what's what with him, but saying he's a '... better NFL linebacker [than Te'o]' caught my eye and of course, interested me. Here's what he had to say in his latest mock.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State

In last week's mock draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to pick up Manti Te'o. This week doesn't reward them with Te'o, but they may have a better NFL linebacker in Arthur Brown.

If you haven't seen Brown play yet, do yourself a favor and at least YouTube clips of the Kansas State inside linebacker. Wearing No. 4, Brown has been a wrecking ball for the defense, showing off rare speed moving laterally and great vision to locate and get to the football.

Brown won't enter the league with the hype of Manti Te'o, but he's a more athletic option at inside linebacker. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, that's not a bad thing. Put Brown next to Lawrence Timmons at middle linebacker, and you have a duo to rival the one in San Francisco.

-- Matt Miller, Bleacher Report

The first thing that jumps out to me is the comparison to Willis and Bowman. I believe that Timmons is probably the most underrated ILB in the NFL right now, but I'm also bias. However, that gets me excited. Timmons is already an outstanding 'Backer and if he could play with someone like Brown that would complement his abilities and give the opportunity to Timmons and allow him to blitz and disrupt, then our defense just improved mightily with one pick.

Here's a video of Arthur Brown against the Hurricanes:


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