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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State

In last week's mock draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to pick up Manti Te'o. This week doesn't reward them with Te'o, but they may have a better NFL linebacker in Arthur Brown.

If you haven't seen Brown play yet, do yourself a favor and at least YouTube clips of the Kansas State inside linebacker. Wearing No. 4, Brown has been a wrecking ball for the defense, showing off rare speed moving laterally and great vision to locate and get to the football.

Brown won't enter the league with the hype of Manti Te'o, but he's a more athletic option at inside linebacker. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, that's not a bad thing. Put Brown next to Lawrence Timmons at middle linebacker, and you have a duo to rival the one in San Francisco.

-- Matt Miller, Bleacher Report
Arthur Brown is 6'1" 228lbs and a transfer from Miami. He is a smaller and more athletic LB than an inside run stuffer. Would be a weakside OLB in the NFL.

Sean Spence is 5'11" 231lbs and a similar athletic, but smallish LB from Miami. A guy that is more instinctive and a better student of the game than Brown. Watch tape of them both and there is no need to draft Brown, if Spence is back from injury this year.

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
That's one game against Alabama. They have an offensive line that NFL teams would love to have.

Like said, that shouldn't erase his college career.

The kid can play ball. That doesn't mean he will be a great linebacker in the NFL, it never does with any player in any position. I do think it would be worth the gamble if he is available when we pick.
With Te'o, the tape he put up is against some weak teams that they almost lost to. He got caught in the Notre Dame hype machine and he isnt as impressive as most think. I think he gambles and shoots gaps too often. I would like to see him in the Senior Bowl or Shrine Game and see how he responds to playing ILB where he isnt given free reign.

IMO, Te'o should go #25-35 in the draft, but he might not be too bad of a reach at #17. He is more like Paul Pozluzny or James Laurinitis than Patrick Willis or Junior Seau IMO.
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