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Default Re: RGIII has partially torn ACL and LCL

The only way to preserve his career is to keep him from running so much. Period. The funny thing is - this was discussed earlier this season near the midway point. And now look. He's out likely 8-12 months according to doctor speculation today.
Griffin himself must realize this. Throw the ball away if you have to. Because if he doesn't he will continue to take monstrous hits and will never see a long-term career with his maximum potential - and will end up being a footnote instead of a legend.
Russell Wilson is going to have to learn the same thing (although he's better at dodging defenders than Griffin is). The way he scrambles and runs, he's also due to take a huge hit (or hits).

Much is made of this new style of "running, scrambling QB" and how they're going to change the game, but they're all going to rack up serious injuries - especially with the league coming down on upper body/head type hits. Now the vicious tackles are going downstairs and its the QB's, who are more fragile than other position players, who are going to pay the price for this new league policy. Torn ACL's will be common for QB's - just as they are for RB's.
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