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Default Re: Jerome Bettis

I get choked up everytime I think of a Busless Steelers lineup, but I am glad that he was able to retire at the top of the heap.... After last season, he has nothing else to prove, and we, as fans, must be thankful that he chose to play rather than retiring after last season..... There will be a void on the team - - not on the playing field, but in the locker room and in the players' hearts.... Jerome is not the only reason that we won last year, but he was a catalyst to a winning team..... The guys had that extra incentive to go out there and play their hearts out.... And they did it - - nominally, for the Bus - - - but it was really for the team.... And it wasn't one or two people who won the trophy - - it was the team!!!!

Jerome, you will be missed..... But, thank you for everything that you have done in your very successful career..... Best wishes and good luck in your future endeavors...... You will always be a winner........ Mahalo!!!!!
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