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Default Re: Roethlisberger: Cutler would like working with Arians

Why all the bitterness?

Can't any of you see ANY good in this man?
BA has been praised by virtually everyone in media, he's up for coach of the year and he's in demand as a HC and all you can do is wallow in venom and criticism.

As far as being Ben's BFF goes, yes that's absolutely true and there's nothing wrong with that. The reason why Ben has had such a crummy year is because he went from working with a guy who was open-minded, a guy who understood his players and who (from all accounts) had a great personality and was fun to work with, to a morose, "X's and O's" screamer who is trying to do things HIS way even if it costs the team years of ineffective mediocrity.

Ben thrived under Arians and I'll be the first to admit that BA wasn't always right and that some of the things he came up with seemed more experimental than planned, but that was his genius - the ability to think outside the box and a willingness to try different things without fear and that is something that Haley seems incapable of doing.

Yeah I know, BA didn't coah "Steeler Football" (whatever that is) and he was more like Father Flannagan than Sergeant Hartmann and so what? He got results and his record proves that. He got things out of players by understanding what they were godd at doing rather than trying to shove some "philosophy" down their throats or by drawing "My way or the highway" lines in the sand. He wasn't always successful, but his body of work and the good will that follows him around speaks for itself.

But you guys seem to think that there's something wrong with a coach talking to players rather than screaming at them or that a coach should be giving orders instead of taking suggestions and working with players and that, in my opinion, is ridiculous. This team (offensively) is in disarray not because of injuries or poor execution but because of Haley. He has destroyed the chemistry that existed before and he seems to alienate people on a minute-by-minute basis and that simply isn't going to work.

Chemistry is everything and Haley has none. Ben didn't have a bad year because he's lost his chops or because of injury. He had a bad year because he went from a nurturing environment to a toxic environment and that's not going to change as long as Haley is here. Arians, on the other hand, has gone from a successful run here to yet another successful run in Indy and his star is rising while we're stuck with a black hole.

Arians was and is a good coach and if you can't see that, then you're just not looking (or don't want to). Arians is being praised by many and is in demand while Haley just bounces from team to team leaving disappointment and acrimony in his wake. Ben is lost right now because he doesn't just miss a good coach but he misses a good friend and good friends are hard to find.
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