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Default Re: Roethlisberger: Cutler would like working with Arians

Originally Posted by FanSince72 View Post
Why all the bitterness?

As far as being Ben's BFF goes, yes that's absolutely true and there's nothing wrong with that. The reason why Ben has had such a crummy year is because he went from working with a guy who was open-minded, a guy who understood his players and who (from all accounts) had a great personality and was fun to work with, to a morose, "X's and O's" screamer who is trying to do things HIS way even if it costs the team years of ineffective mediocrity.

Ben thrived under Arians and I'll be the first to admit that BA wasn't always right and that some of the things he came up with seemed more experimental than planned, but that was his genius - the ability to think outside the box and a willingness to try different things without fear and that is something that Haley seems incapable of doing
Why all the constant criticism of Haley?

The reason Ben had a lousy end of the season was because of the injury in the KC game - Ben was having his best year until that injury - the BA hatred can be over the top but so are the knee jerk responses to any challenge to Arians

I have nothing against Arians getting a job and acknowledge he had a great year coaching a team with a bottom feeder schedule (who exactly did the Colts beat?) but regard his tenure in Pittsburgh to have been mediocre.

I know - he went to 2 Super Bowls but the defense carried those teams. Maybe I should claim credit for the success of the 2008 and 2010 teams since I watched every game and made sure to be wearing a jersey during playoff wins
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