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Default Re: Roethlisberger: Cutler would like working with Arians

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Ben is just rubbing it in their faces that if they had listened to him and not the fans the Rooneys wouldn't have to watch the playoffs from the stands - - like that
Because the high standards under which the offense perfomed under Arians would have resulted in a better record this year? Three of the losses were directly tied to killer interceptions by #7 (Denver/Dallas/Cincy), the mediocre Haley offense put up enough points to win in the Oakland loss, and the entire team wet the bed in the San Diego debacle.

Yep - it is obvious if Arians was the OC none of that would have happened. Ben did not enjoy working under Whisenhunt and does not enjoy working under Haley - that obviously is something for which only the OCs should be blamed.

But even though he still misses his BFF, I assume even Ben is not so enraptured with BA that he believes the Rooneys canned Arians because they were being pressured by "the fans." - when you have the track record of the Ronneys over the past 40 years and a lengthy waiting list for season tickets you probably are not worried too much about pressure from the fan base.
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