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Default Re: 2013: Career Crossroads For Ben Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
This will likely be an unpopular opinion here, but unless he picks up a 3rd ring I don't see Ben as being a lock for the HOF. While his first few years were impressive, his last couple were not, and he just doesn't have the huge stats to stand out in the new pass happy NFL. If he goes on 5 more years without another SB, I give him a 50% shot.
I think that is a fair assessment. He doesnt have the huge stats as you point out and in the 3 super bowl's he played.....2 of them he wasnt that great at.

I still think he should be around for the next 5 seasons or more, but the team window on getting to another Super Bowl is closing. All the great supporting cast is getting old and the young guys arent that special so far.
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