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Default Re: RGIII has partially torn ACL and LCL

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Those are good points you made and I agree that a quarterback's dedication as a leader would be called into question by his teammates if he sat needlessly. However, RG III clearly made a decision that benefitted his team at great personal loss. This injury could permanently dampen RG III's effectiveness, marketability and income. .
I question how much he benefited the team after he aggravated the injury immediately prior to the second TD - RGIII was ineffective after that and most of the complaints arise from Shanahan not pulling him after it was clear he was ineffective after the first quarter and before the complete blow out of the knee in the 4th quarter

Since the player will always want to go the head coach needs to decide, once the player is given a chance to play, whether the player is effective

By way of example, Ben was hobbled but effective in the Baltimore game in 2010 when he entered the game with a bum foot and then had his nose broken - OTOH Ben was ineffective when he played on the badly sprained ankle in 2011 in San Francisco and was messed up for the rest of the year. So Tomlin got it right one time and blew it the other time - fortunately in neither case was the risk of aggravating the injury a potential career impacter
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