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Default Re: 2008's America's Game the Superbowl

That's because Woodley WAS 40lbs thinner. As for Woodley's contract, what was that $65 Million, and the only way he's going to get it is to stay heathy. That kind of explain things, doesn't it?

The same with Wallace, he knows that in the next 6 months, he's going to be signing a contract for $25-$30 Million dollars. Ever wonder why he didn't fight for a lot a passes this year?

Look, these guys are not idiots. They all know that there is a very short amount of time to make their bucks, and it's all dependent on staying healthy. Oh, they will say the words to keep us fans happy, about what a great city we have, and how much they like the fans and all.

The fact is most of them really don't give a rats, unless they can get the extra earnings potential of the playoffs are in the works Anybody notice Woodley's production goes up in the playoffs signifcantly?. For most of the NFL, 8-8 pays the same as 7-9. Guys like Ward, Harrison, Miller, and Palamalu are rare breeds.

There has been talk throughout Steeler Nation about how unmotivated the team look at times. Well, tell me how do you motivate a guy like Woodley? He has a contract, and from the size of it, it would be highly unlikey he could be cut, unless he brought out his lawn chair and camped out on the right hash mark ( which is about how much of the field he covers.

How do you motivate a guy like Wallace who is waiting on his first big payday that will make him and his family secure for generations to go over the middle and snare a pass? The fact is you can't. There are no tools that a coach has to get these guys willing to run through concrete walls.
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