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Default Re: Purge salaries, build for 2014

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
Larry Foote? He's not exactly a game changer. I think we can deal with this loss. Not to mention we do have Sylvester ready to take his place...and a draft.
Agreed. If we can't live without Larry Foote, the FO has failed miserably.

Casey Hampton? Dude is still playing at a high level. Would he sign a bargain contract to retire a steeler? If not...we've got McClendon, TaAmu, and a draft.
High level? Don't see it. Even after he was back from the knee, he isn't close to what he was in his prime. If he can be had very cheap, I'd keep him.

James Harrison? Still playing at a very high level. Can we survive him leaving? Probably...but I think a restructure would make the most sense. While he didn't have the sacks we are used to seeing, he was till a monster on run defense. IF we let Hampton go...then I think we should try to restructure Harrison.
I think he was about 70% of his former self, max. If he can get back to 100%, I'd try to get him to reduce his cap hit by restructuring.

Brett Keisel? Another older player that is playing at an extremely high level....and IMO he's a bargain for what we are paying him. If we have to... cut him, only because we have a solid player behind him...but if I'm the GM... I try to keep keisel. Maybe cut him and restructure a cheaper contract?
I wouldn't say he played at an "extremely high level". I'd rather see Heyward get a shot to prove if he can play or not before his contract is up. If Keis won't restructure his $4.5M cap hit, I'd let him walk.

Troy P? When healthy arguably the best Safety in the game... He started to look like him self near the end of the season. A good candidate to restructure.

Woodley? Should be hitting his prime years....My guess is Woodley was hurt most of the season... he did not look him self.... He could be a cap casualty.... Not a guy I'd restructure not knowing if he'll rebound next year. WIth the 2nd highest cap hit on the team...and a solid backup behind him... It wouldn't shock me to see him cut. Or we keep him and hope for a rebound?
No way they cut him, but he needs to learn how to better condition himself.

Timmons - In his prime years... a restructure is a possibility.

Ike Taylor - still playing at a high level... not a huge cap hit...but still expensive. Would you cut Taylor to keep Lewis? I think with restructuring others we will be fine and could potentially keep Lewis.
If it comes down to Ike or Keenan, I go with the guy who is younger and I believe, better.
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