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Default Re: 2013: Career Crossroads For Ben Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
This will likely be an unpopular opinion here, but unless he picks up a 3rd ring I don't see Ben as being a lock for the HOF. While his first few years were impressive, his last couple were not, and he just doesn't have the huge stats to stand out in the new pass happy NFL. If he goes on 5 more years without another SB, I give him a 50% shot.
I agree that the voters will not like BB. But, I think that the dude is the epitome of HoFer.

I equate BB to Hines Ward: They changed the way the game is played.

Hines Ward does not have the greatest stats, but he took the WR from a position of "merely" glamour to a position where you can block the snot out of a DB (& help your RB get an extra 5-10 yards). Every WR since Ward has learned how to block; the entire NFL changed.

BB's style of play is like NO other player in the entire NFL (which is why I love him, and why comparing him to Brees (et al) makes no sense). BB is unsackable (Yes, he gets lots of sacks, but that is because he runs around for 7 seconds; you try that with any other QB, and they have double the number of sacks that BB gets). And, his pump-fake is incredible. When the pocket breaks down, no one else can do what BB does.

I remember hearing Terrell Suggs talk about a rookie LB who was all "hot to trot" to sack BB. Suggs kept saying, "You've never played against him." The rookie kept on going about how he'd sack BB three times or more. Suggs iterated, "You've never played agaisnt him." Then... in the game... that LB had BB dead to rites... and that LB whiffed. THAT is why BB is a HoFer.

Lastly, that final drive in XLIII is the greatest drive & one of the greatest plays in SuperBowl history.

That drive... plus, his rookie season... his incredible post-season record... his record-setting three game post-season in 2005 (highest QB rating in NFL post-season history)... and two (maybe five) Lombardi trophies makes him a HoFer.
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