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Default Re: 2013: Career Crossroads For Ben Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
It sounds like we agree that the media's perception of BB is a strike against him for the HoF voting.

Does he deserve to get in? Yes.
Does his style of play decrease hsi chance ot get in? Yes.

Look at XLIII. He was the MVP... yet... he did not get a single vote.

As far as advertising dollars, I have to say that his "rape" accusations jinxed him for good. He was starting to get a few national ads... and then, there was the rape cases... and another rape case... and advertisers would not touch him for anything, regardless of whether or not he did it.
Yea, think we're on the same page. BUT, as I began with, if he goes out big, he can overcome, IMO. Look at Ray Lewis. He WAS the MVP, but Disney wanted nothing to do with a killer that walked free. He kept having big seasons, now the media is loving him lots. So yea, if Ben keeps clean, and overcomes Eli, he's in the clear, IMO.
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