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Default Re: Connecticut school shooting

Mass shooters and meds. What they all have in common.
UPDATED: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 10:15am
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By now the entire country is involved in the gun control debate, but guns may not be the issue. With the string of recent mass shootings in our country, all of those shooters had something in common, and it was more than just holding a fire arm in their hand.

It could be that many shooters who go on mass killing sprees are misusing prescription medications, such as anti-psychotics.

Dr. Joseph Arisco, a private practice Psychiatrist in Tyler tells us, "Anti-psychotic medicine is the most potent medicine that psychiatrists use."

And according to professionals, like Dr. David Davis, Pharmacist; sometimes he says, "The side effects are more detrimental than the benefits of taking the medications."

These mass shooters in America were all reportedly taking some heavy duty anti-psychotics or other medications during or right before their killing sprees.

Aurora, Colorado killer, James Holmes, was reportedly taking a form of Prozac.

Adam Lanza, who was responsible for taking innocent children's lives at sandy hook elementary in Connecticut, was reportedly taking a controversial anti-psychotic medicine called “Fantapt.”

Even looking back to 1999 one of the shooters, Eric Harris, who was involved in taking a countless number of lives at Columbine High School was allegedly taking a heavy pharmaceutical called “Luvox.”

According to Davis, in some cases these meds can induce aggressive behavior rather than inhibit it, Davis says, "In some cases, yes anger, aggression combativeness those type of things increase in those types of patients."

The culprit to these mass shooting massacres is yet to be determined. Some think its guns; some think it's the lack of medicine for mental illness. But you can't rule out heavy prescription side effects as a possible cause of behavioral changes especially if taken improperly. Dr. Arisco says, “Anti-psychotics do not cause psychosis and do not cause people to become more psychotic. Now could that happen while you're taking those medicines of course it could."

Both Doctors Davis, and Arisco say, your mental health is important. Taking the right dosage of medicine is important and consulting with your doctor regularly while on medications like anti-psychotics is the best way to control, inhibit and reduce any adverse side effects.
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