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Default Re: American Horror Story - season 2

I don't think it was Jude - she'd have to be around 100 in the present time killings - this was back in 1965.

was he smoking hash in that pipe in the opening?

"you don’t have to cry to be my baby”

ha ha, awesome

let's see- we have a serial killer being wet-nursed by a prostitute, another serial killer flipping over Lana's lesbian lovers corpse and climbing on top of her from behind with her head dangling right in front of the camera as he mounts her - you won't see that on prime time tee-vee!

and the cinematography...

“Spilt Milk” – one of American Horror Story’s best directed hours -- was sprinkled with visual and thematic homages to the film director Brian De Palma, whose filmography is filled with homages to his idol, Alfred Hitchcock. De Palma was a fitting, ironic touchstone for an episode about parenting, and more, about the legacy of horror, the echo chamber of pop culture, the influence and warp of those who nurtured us, of that which we allow to have power over us.

One of “Milk’s” most overt nods to De Palma: The suspenseful split-screen staging of Lana’s exit. On one side, we watched Lana slowly descend the Stairway to Heaven and slip by an oblivious Dr. Thredson, who, on the other side of the screen, stood halfway up those same stairs tensely negotiating a deal with Kit Walker: Freedom and happily ever after with Resurrected Grace and their baby in exchange for the tape. Kit’s distraction gave Lana the jump she needed: By the time Lana’s lunatic captor-rapist-tormentor cottoned to her proverbial Statue of Liberty play fake-out, she was out the door and inside the idling taxi. Thredson watched as Lana first slapped the tape against the cab window, and then defiantly flip him the bird. I loved the shot overlooking the Briarcliff steps and the driveway curving away on either side of the icy grounds, the elements combining to form the outline of a devil’s horned head.

(Speaking of homage: The Asylum’s satanic silhouette was the same shape hidden within the stained glass front door of Murder House in season 1 of American Horror Story.)
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