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Default Re: 'Frustrated' Rooney supports Tomlin, Haley

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
I get the HC and coordinators staying, but is everyone keeping their jobs? Special teams coach? Strength and conditioning? I see a lot of fat defenders and grossly overweight OL. OL need to be big, but not so big that they can't pull or move their feet in pass protection.

How about a wide receivers coach that can't teach Wallace to catch with his hands or come back to the ball in four seasons? A running backs coach that doesn't coach how to hold the ball in traffic?

This is how teams get complacent - job security.
Coaches coach and players execute....or not. Antonio Brown fumbling in Oakland and Dallas cost a couple games. Coach him to hold the ball, but he doesnt in those key situations.

I really cant think of any coaches that need to be fired. LeBeau, Butler, Lake, Kirby Wilson?? Fire Kugler if you want some satasfaction....(BTW, he left ).
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