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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

I agree with this thread to some degree, only because this past year's team really never got leads, they always had to come from behind. They definately had a lacksidasical (?spelling) attitude in all phases of the game. I put that on the players themselves, at some point you have to take ownership and pride in your work and I didn't think as a man the majority of these guys put that effort forward. I have to give it to two teams this year as much as I hate to admit it. The Patriots & Broncos, these teams know how to bury other teams. They keep their foot on the gas until your will is broken.
I wish the NFL would do like the PGA Tour does, your earnings are based on your play. You don't play well, you don't earn very much money. If that was the case, there would be many 2012 Steelers on the soup line. It really amazes me how much money these guys makes and how entitled most of them think they are. They think just because they are wearing a Steelers uniform they just have to show up. Until this attitude is changed this Team and Organization will continue to be mediocre at best! Steeler Nation deserves better!
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