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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

I swear to God maddog78 is not my second username!!!!!!!!!

I would add one more thing to the original post. It seemed like after one of the few times the Steelers defense did force a turnover, the offense never went for the kill shot.

In Denver, the defense recovered a fumble early in the first half in Denver territory. What did the offense do? Run, run, sack, punt. How about after the first Allen interception in the Bengals game? Run, run, sack, punt.

The Steelers never drove the dagger into the other team when they had a chance. Why? As was alluded to, they were playing scared. "Oh no! Ben could get hurt if he throws!" "Oh no! If we score quickly the defense won't be as rested!" "Oh no! The owner might not like that play!"

Do any of the teams in the playoffs right now play like that? Do those teams fret over that stuff? There's only one team in the playoffs that is in the top 5 of the NFL in time of possession - Houston. Maybe next season the Steelers should trade some possession time for some points. It may very well be the difference between playoffs or no playoffs.
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