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Default Re: Rainey in Jail for Domestic Battery Charge

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
That's an ugly incident.

Not neaarly as ugly as when Cedric Wilson beat his girlfriend up in a restaurant in front of hundreds of people, but still expect him to receive his walking papers very shortly, as well as Ta'amu, who REALLY screwed up big.

Shame-- both guys look like they could be of use for the team.
yup - 2 draft picks down the tubes, another had to beg to be on the team, the other 1 missed the majority of the season. 1 went on an intoxicated sunday drive, and now literally hitting a woman over a cell phone. Nothing like an entire year of mishaps, misfortunes, and blunders, frustrations and overall poop-like qualities

This shit's gotta stop. We N_E_E_D young guys that know the Steeler way, at least enough to minimize their off the field crap. Too much media for the Rooneys to bail out the annual helicopter shooter anymore. Shit will stick and stink more than ever.

Now, we just need Ben to do something again. Probably done with the legal stuff - another accident perhaps?

Karma has been a mutha. Maybe all this bad shit is making Steeler Nation assume defeat, only to be rewarded with something big next season! I sure hope so!

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