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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by maddog78 View Post
That is a good point about Cowher, and maybe it was unfair to include him since he was usually trying to hide the QB. This current team, however, should be attacking more than it does.
Actually, I think that mentioning Cowher actually points to two huge factors (that are currently missing):

1) No running game. Cowher had The Bus. The Steelers could close out games better than anyone... via killing the clock.

I remember a game against the Browns, where Bam Morris ran the ball like 13 straight times, taking 6 minutes off of the clock... and the Steelers knelt down on the 6 yard line in victory formation.

Likewise, I rememebr a game agains the Titans, where FWP ran the ball 22 straight times in the fourth quarter, to kill the clock.

This O-line was far too injured to accomlish such feats.

2) No pressure. I remember being up 10 points, and when the prevent defense was put into affect, LeBeau would also unleash Greg Lloyd (or Joey Porter)... and the OLB would always (ALWAYS) get a crucial sack (making it third and looong) or get the strip-sack.

Alas, Harrison was not "Harrison" for the first half of the season (i.e. in the Tennessee & Oakland games). And, Woodley is nearly 320 pounds. In turn, no pressure.
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