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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
Actually, I think that mentioning Cowher actually points to two huge factors (that are currently missing):

1) No running game. Cowher had The Bus. The Steelers could close out games better than anyone... via killing the clock.

I remember a game against the Browns, where Bam Morris ran the ball like 13 straight times, taking 6 minutes off of the clock... and the Steelers knelt down on the 6 yard line in victory formation.

Likewise, I rememebr a game agains the Titans, where FWP ran the ball 22 straight times in the fourth quarter, to kill the clock.

This O-line was far too injured to accomlish such feats.

2) No pressure. I remember being up 10 points, and when the prevent defense was put into affect, LeBeau would also unleash Greg Lloyd (or Joey Porter)... and the OLB would always (ALWAYS) get a crucial sack (making it third and looong) or get the strip-sack.

Alas, Harrison was not "Harrison" for the first half of the season (i.e. in the Tennessee & Oakland games). And, Woodley is nearly 320 pounds. In turn, no pressure.
The only pressure Woodley is creating is on his belt buckle.
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