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Default Re: Rainey Vs Talamu

Ok, there's is actually a pretty wide moral divide here. We're talking about college aged kids here, not 40yo guys fresh out of a Shaolin temple. Now, any of you ever had too much to drink? If so, were you being 100% rational and logical the whole time? Did you grow up and learn your lesson, and ease up on the dumb kid behavior? That's where Ta'amu stands. Maybe he relapses...then it's time to drop the hammer.

Now, Rainey was at least marginally in control of his senses, and decided this chick's backtalk was unacceptable, and threw down. She tried to run, because she'd just had herself a dose of housewife's helper, and he chased her down and dished out seconds. That's not simply a stupidity issue, it's a violent criminal mindset issue. If he had instead went DUI, and say beat the shit out of a paper towel dispenser instead of another person, some humble and heartfelt apologizes likely would have gotten him off the hook, too.

Honestly, it's not that big a deal. If this Sunday were a Steeler's playoff game, would we even be seeing so many threads over this?
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