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Default Re: Rainey Vs Talamu

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
"On the special teams, Tomlin recognized the NFLís 9th-ranked kickoff return team, along with placekicker Shaun Suisham, who converted 28 of 31 field goals (90.3).

Leading the kickoff return unit was rookie Chris Rainey, 7th in the NFL with a 26.5 average per return."
Stats in the nfl that are Averages can be very misleading.

For example he had 39 kickoff returns. If say 70% ( 27 returns ) were only 20 yard returns and the other 30% ( 12 returns ) were of 40 yards. The average of that is a 26.15 average per return. When you may think 26 is a decent number but in fact 70% of the time it's the same as a touchback.

And another one 70% of his returns could be off 18 yards( less than a touchback) but 30% be 50 yards you get a 27 average.

Don't always look at averages to make a argument about the production of a player in the nfl. As some of those 40+ returns could come at meaningless times and those 20 yards could come at important times.

To me Rainey never really provided that splash play in the return game. Just a mediocre season by him. And the fact we dressed 4rb because he was suppose to be a impact player was a mistake so I'm glad he's gone. I was never a big fan even in college.
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