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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

I agree this years defense was less than steller early on. We had mix and match going on in the secondary for the first 3 games. Coupled with Woodley and his 45 extra pounds lounging out there at the hash marks, Harrison with a bum knee on the other side, and a couple of soft served defensive linemen in Hampton and Hood, this had all the makings of horror show in action

Well, we fixed the secondary issues and as a unit they were solid until Taylor got hurt. Harrison play did improve significantly the last 3-4 games, but make no mistake, he is not the all-pro defensive player of the year we had a few years ago. Woodley played his season like he is very much interested in staying healthy to insure collecting the rest of his $65 milion dollar contract.

AS for the DL, Hood just doesn't have the instincts to play that DE position. He is too mechanical, and has no creativity when it comes to moves. I can just hear what's going on in his head on a play, " Ok at the snap, up, land punch, ok that;s done, two steps to the left, punch, lean forward.... meanwhile, he's now 5 yards off the lol and the runner is past him. As a pass rusher he is passable, as a run defender, especially against zone blocking schemes, he's a liability. With Casey, he gave it all he had, all 380lbs of it, unfortunately at his age, you can still get shoved of your spot even with an extra 40 lbs you're sporting.

Amazingly, with all of this crap going on, we STILL end up with a top D. It's nothing short of incredible, and a testament to LeBeau's system.

It's no wonder we didn't have the take aways. No wonder why we could hold teams in their own end. The front seven pressure on the line of scrimage just was not there, especially from our two outside linebackers. With Harrison, it's understandable. With Woodley, it's inexcusable. Why McClendon wasn't playing, and how Hood is still in the starting lineup is beyond me.
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