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Default Re: Kovacevic: Steelers disciplined? Please, Mr Rooney

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
The man has a point. In our last draft, we landed a serial women abuser with a mostly unknown gambling habit, and a drunkard, with another incindent in his record, and a druggie. In polite terms, for a franchise that prides itself on the character of it's players, we have slid a long ways off the standard.

I does appaer that there are different standards for different players based of importance to the clubs success. As much as I don't like it, that's just as common in corporate America as it is with Football.
If we decline to draft any player that has had an issue in the past, we might as well forfeit all draft picks. Come on, we should pass on any kid coming out of college who drinks? Has gambled? You're SUPPOSED to do dumb shit when you're a kid. That's why when people do these things, everyone calls them a "Dumb kid". Rainey was a violent criminal, not a college kid who partied too hard. There's a major difference there. Dumb kids grow up, violent minds typically don't. I thought most Steeler fans had their ties to Pittsburgh, not Lancaster.
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