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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by lipps83 View Post
Yes. I am not quite sure why some are so enamored by having the top defense in yards allowed, especially when a big reason for that is that we played against some of the worst offenses (Jets, Titans, Chiefs, Browns 2x, Bengals2x, Chargers). And then we couldn't even stop half of them from scoring points, especially when it mattered most.

IMO, the defense was the problem in the first half of the season. They stepped it up when Ben got hurt (nowhere near an elite level however) and the offense was the problem in the 2nd half for the most part, and I feel that was because Ben was still hurt.

I am thankful to Lebeau for everything he has done for this team, but he has been running the same scheme for 30 years. I don't expect him to be going anywhere, so I expect to see the same scheme next year with the same players (since his defense is uber-complicated and rookies sit for 3 years). I would be okay with that if he would actually play the younger guys to their capabilities and bring some aggression back to the defense instead of dropping 7 or 8 into coverage and hoping the offense makes a mistake.
Two points, I would like to contend.

A, the Bengals were underated, and B, last year we played 9 out of 16 games against either rookie QBs, or scrub QBs. This years schedule was much tougher than last year.

IMO, historically, his system does work. You may not like his playing the averages approach, and frankly, I would love to see more carnage too, so I get that. But the fact is, it is an effective defense against other team scoring, which I understand the whole point.
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