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Default Re: Kovacevic: Steelers disciplined? Please, Mr Rooney

Originally Posted by ZoneBlitzer View Post
Great article. This goes beyond drafting. It points to leadership. I don't think the players respect Tomlin.
I don't think it is quite that.

In a recent NFL.COM poll, all the players on the 32 teams voted Mike Tomlin the coach they would most want to play for, with Bill Belicheck coming in a close second.

The problem is that Tomlin is more of a "player's coach", than a disciplinarian like Cowher was. Alot of the veteran leadership that was here (Ward, Farrior, Faneca) when Tomlin first got here, are gone. The mature professionals that could be counted on to have some self-dignity and help guide the younger players, have been replaced by a bunch of young, hot-headed, loud-mouthed kids.

The hands-off approach might work with seasoned, mature, veterans who already have a high level of proessionalism, but not 21 year old thugs who just got millions of dollars slipped into their pockets.

Their roster management has changed drastically in the last few years as well. We did not use to give out $51 million contracts to guys like Harrison or Woodley. The Steelers way was to let them walk, like we did with Joey Porter.

Most people point to Mike Tomlin, but they are missing teh other major management change that happened at the same time Tomlin came onboard-- Art II taking over Steelers ownership in full.

He has made some questionable decisions since then, that need to be rectified to get things back on track.

Overall, I still think the Steelers are in good shape for next year, they just need to:

a) draft a little heavier on the defense this spring
b) work out a new conditioning regimen
c) run a stricter camp
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