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Default Re: Rainey in Jail for Domestic Battery Charge

Originally Posted by Lady Steel View Post
I'm not going to give him a break. It is not okay to hit a woman, no matter what age a man is. Men know this, even those in their 20's. It's also not okay to mess with her purse without permission. I never touch a man's wallet without permission. I carry a ton of stuff in my purse and it's heavy. If a guy tried to take my purse, I would cause him great harm with it.

It's not okay if his girlfriend took his cell phone without permission either, but I don't know the circumstances on how or why she had it, so I can't really speak to that issue, but it still doesn't warrant Rainey hitting her.

Glad he was cut. Good riddance.

Ta'amu can hit the road, too, as far as I'm concerned.
I'm not condoning violence against women or saying he didn't make a mistake. He deserved to be punished, though whether or not to this severity can be debated for another time.

My point is, there's a double standard here on the Steelers and the NFL. Harrison was accused of domestic violence back in '08, but because we can't replace him, he stayed on the roster. The mantra the Steelers have of 'we don't tolerate this kind of stuff' is a facade. They don't tolerate it from guys they see are expendable and non-assets.

People are willing to turn a blind eye when our contributors and often times, stars are facing accusations and/or charges because they're the best on the team and can't replace these guys. It's almost an insult to our intelligence that the Rooney's have this mantra in the organization and pretend as if they enforce it to the tee when in reality, if they can be replaced, they get punished severely. This explains why Ta'amu is still on our practice squad - the Steelers essentially gave up another prospect when they traded for him and they see him as a future contributor, thus he gets a get out of jail free card.
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