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Default Re: Kovacevic: Steelers disciplined? Please, Mr Rooney

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Honestly, I would agree with you in regards to Ta'amu verses Rainey, but I think Silverback's situation was a little different.

He and his girlfriend had a dispute, no doubt, which ended in him slapping her across the face. It was wrong. Harrison knew it was and that is why he had already been attending counseling and anger management long before he even stepped foot in the courtroom for it.

In short-- he effed up, but was taking responsibility and being proactive about it without needing to be prodded or goaded into it.
Chris Rainey was cut from the team within 24 hours of being arrested was that enough time for him to attend counselling sessions?

James Harrison was only arrested once, to my knowledge. He hasn't been arrested since either. That indicates an ability to learn from his mistakes, which is exactly why Santonio Holmes and Chris Rainey are no longer Steelers.
Why is Alameda Ta'amu with the team? This was his second DUI he also had one in 2009. That shows no ability to learn from his mistakes. You could kill someone drinking and driving. Ta'amu got drunk and got in a police chase. The good news is he must be a fantastic player or he would have been cut.
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