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Default Re: The Steelers play scared

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
I did point out teams on the opposite side of the spectrum like Baltimore and Minnesota are rare to make the playoffs. The point is, like you said, the Steelers are too preoccupied with TOP. Being top 5 in TOP is not important. If the Steelers can trade some possession time for points, then what's wrong with being ranked somewhere between 6th and 15th?
I think you are just as fixated with TOP as Tomlin is. TOP doesn't win games just like TOP doesn't lose games. TOP is a by-product of an offense that stays on the field and a defense that gets off the field.

I don't agree with you on much but I do agree that the offense should be more aggressive early in games and early in downs. What you are seeing is Tomlin's influence. Haley is one of the most aggressive playcallers in the NFL.

"RUTM, RUTM, BEN HELP!" has been around since Arians and continues with Haley- the constant is Tomlin. It is what it is and this will continue to the next offensive coordinator. If you were honest to yourself you would see that Haley trusts Roethlisberger more than Arians did.
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