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Default Re: Rainey Vs Talamu

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
What Ta'amu did was far worse and he shouldn't be on the team. He has a serious alcohol problem and he can not be relied on. My point was the conversation immediately switched from vilifying Rainey, he was called a "thug" or a "gangster rapper" among other things, to demonizing Ta'amu for his behaviour.

As soon as it turns out Rainey didn't actually strike his girlfriend no one says a word. No one says "I guess I was wrong and shouldn't have rushed to judgement." Instead, people say "Yeah well forget about Rainey- look at Ta'amu there's a bad guy."
As soon as she said he didn't despite the others who say it. And you immediately called her a bitch. You jumped one way on this. Why?

All generalizations are dangerous.
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