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Default Re: Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator

Originally Posted by Kanata-Steeler View Post
So is that a prediction. ? 'cause this year our "Offense" more-or-less threw away this season, and NOT the "D", which got steadily better throughout this season, (even though Troy was a non-factor), and, you know Dick is stayin' here next season.
If anything, for next season, Ben needs to start cozying-up to Haley, instead of constantly whinng about missing his dada "Bwuce Aweeans" ?!

No offence, but:
"Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator" right now? - is just
How many 4th quarter leads did the defense give up? Ben threw away the Cincy game, but had a great game in Dallas until the pick in OT, which never should have come to pass if Brown and the defense didn't surrender the 7-point lead they were staked with.

Tennesee, Oakland come to mind, too.
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