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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

I wouldn't be surprised if Haley leaves. I really do believe there's been problems between BB and Haley which is why the offense sort of collapsed near the end of the season when BB came back. I felt Haley's play-calling took more of a backseat to what BB wanted to do. He thinks he is a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady.

And he's not. I wish Haley would get in BB's face and tell him that. But I'm sure he is scared to get confrontational as he did in the past.

I actually like the dink and dunk, but you gotta have a solid run game to make the offense explosive. I believe this works more on BB's strengths. The Rooneys want more of that smash mouth offense, and they will get that under Haley, if we can get the O-line to make some lanes.

Maybe Haley also feels he won't be successful in Pittsburgh because BB doesn't want to cooperate with him.

"Football is a hard game. These spread coaches forget that. Until good defenses remind them." Gene Stallings

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