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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by Blackout View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if Haley leaves. I really do believe there's been problems between BB and Haley which is why the offense sort of collapsed near the end of the season when BB came back. I felt Haley's play-calling took more of a backseat to what BB wanted to do. He thinks he is a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady.

And he's not. I wish Haley would get in BB's face and tell him that. But I'm sure he is scared to get confrontational as he did in the past.

I actually like the dink and dunk, but you gotta have a solid run game to make the offense explosive. I believe this works more on BB's strengths. The Rooneys want more of that smash mouth offense, and they will get that under Haley, if we can get the O-line to make some lanes.

Maybe Haley also feels he won't be successful in Pittsburgh because BB doesn't want to cooperate with him.
Maybe Ben is upset because the Steelers play Marty ball for the first 58 minutes of a game, then hope he bails them out from their own stupidity at the end.

Perhaps the Rooneys need to change their philosophies to match the modern NFL and not the early 70's.
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