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Default Re: Rainey Vs Talamu

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Hindsight is 20/20 guys. If you go back and look at who we could have had, you'll drink yourself into a depression. Trust me, we've missed on some guys in the later rounds. Don't go look, though. It's just upsetting.
You can say that about any draft for any team a year or two later.

That's what makes the draft so intriguing to all of us. Is the unknown factor that plays into it. We hope guys are going to become what we want them to be but that doesn't alway happen. There is some luck involved into the draft.

You can't see the future unless you got doc brown and Marty mcfly in our scouting department.

It's the name of the game in the nfl. Lets all just be happy we are a contender year in and year out. What every it is our organization is one of the best and we are lucky as fans.

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