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Default Re: Ken Whisenhunt for OC?

There's nothing elite about Cam Newton? I'm not going to argue here, but I suggest you look at who he's working with on offense and tell me that the things he accomplished isn't more impressive than what Luck did.

Cam has one receiver, a stable full of underachieving backs and no legitimate redzone threat other than himself. Also, a constantly banged-up defense that has been struggling for years now.

Oh, and not to mention, he had the highest quarterback rating from November 18th to the end of the season when Chuddy finally said 'alright, Cam, do whatcha gotta do' and let Cam be Cam. If he played on the Steelers, we'd have a 5000 yard 40 TD+ passer. He's ridiculous when he's given the chance to be and sadly, wasn't under Chud.
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