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Default Re: Fire Todd Haley!!!!!


Can I start a sticky on firing our next OC??

Haley stays, Ben will produce, like he did before the oline blew apart. This offensive system is sound, and the hype about Ben and Todd's relationship is hype. Nothing more.

As for the rushing attack, let's look at the last Cleveland game for a microcosum of the season. We stated the game with the following offensive line left to right, Starks, Foster, Pouncey, DeCastro, Beachum. In the Second quarter it was Starks, Foster, Pouncey, Legurski, and Beachum. Then in the third quarter on, we fininised the game with Starks, Legurski, Pouncey, Malecki, and Foster.

I'm all for position flexability and all, but I got to break it to you, to expect a dominant rushing attack, with all of that shifting around, especially Foster, who spent all the week prior cramming the books prepping to play left guard, then ends up playing crunch time at RT, and position he hasn't played since he was in college, is an unreasonable expectation.

When you are playing a guy that was your second string RG, who was filling in at LG, but had to be moved to right tackle, our 4th option at RG that spend most of the season on the PS, our third option at RG moving over to LG to replace our third option at LG who had to move to RT as our 5th option at that position........ Can you understand why there might be a little disruption with our rushing attack?

Guys, injuries do matter. "Next Man Up" is nothing more than macho BS. When a guy goes down, the next man is not going to be as good. If they were as good, they would be alternating snaps to balance the work load.

Hayley is doing fine and IMO was a dang good hire.
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