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Default Re: Lovie Smith Fired - Let's Grab Him as Defensive Coordinator

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
@7BR The Denver loss is on the offense. The defense had held Denver to 14 going into the 4th. Then they allowed 10 in the 4th. The Steelers offense had two 3 and outs and a pick 6 in the 4th quarter. You can not give Peyton Manning that many chances to win the game. The Broncos scored more than 30 points in 11 games this season- it is a regular occurence for them.

The Titans loss is on Tomlin. He chose to try a 57 yard field goal with a kicker who can not kick past 50. The Steelers lost the game on a 33 yard drive. Also 7 points came off a blocked punt and a 1 yard TD drive (resulting from a 3 and out).

The Raiders game is on the defense. No excuse for giving up that many points to such a poor offense.

The Chargers game is also on the offense. In the first half the Steelers had five 3 and outs and a turnover on downs. The Chargers offense scored 17 points on drives that started in Steeler territory. The Chargers scored another 7 points on a fumble. Only 1 Charger drive that started in their own territory went for a TD- no other drive from their territory made it to the red zone.

The Cowboys game was one of the defense's worst but ultimately at the end of the game they held their own. The only points the Cowboys scored in the 4th was a 44 yard TD drive set up off Brown's fumble. The defense forced not one but two Dallas 3 and outs in the final 3 minutes of the game to force overtime. Roethlisberger's interception in overtime cost the Steelers the game.

The Steelers allowed more than 20 points in five games. Of those games the Raiders game is the one that stands out as having been a loss because of bad defense.
Ok I would agree with that hearing all the stats you mentioned. That 3 games were just out of memory. Although I would say the Titans game was most on the defense. Not because of the 33 yard drive that let to a Field Goal the TD drive before.
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